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12 x Airpure Air Freshener Auto Refill 250ml Lavender Moments

12 x Airpure Air Freshener Auto Refill 250ml Lavender Moments

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Air-o-matic Refill 250ml Lavender Moments 12 Cans

Fits All Air-o-matic Machines - Never Run Out Of Air Freshener Spray With This Convenient Air Freshener Refill. Designed To Fit The Air-volution And Airpure Automatic Air Freshener Machines, It’s Easy To Install And Use Right Away.
Long-Lasting And Versatile - Each Refill Contains 250ml Of Air Freshener For Up To 60 Days, Depending On The Air Freshener Machine Setting. Ideal For Home Use In Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Kitchen And Hallways, The Office Or Wherever Fragrance Is Needed.
Range Of Fresh Scents - Choose From A Variety Of Fragrances To Enhance The Atmosphere Of All Your Environments And Help Create The Ambience Of Any Room.
Won’t Wet Furnishings - The Air-o-matic Refills Contain No Added Water So It Is Not A Wet Spray? Instead, You Get A Fine Mist That Permeates The Air Without Heavy Moisture To Dampen, Furniture Carpets.
No Animal Testing - None Of The Ingredients In These Air Freshener Refills Has Been Tested On Animals. They Do Not Contain Any Animal Products, By-products, Or Derivatives And Are Registered With The Vegan Society.

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