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Provanto Feed & 2in1 Defend 1L x 6

Provanto Feed & 2in1 Defend 1L x 6

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Provanto Feed &  2in1 Defend 

Provanto Fungus Plant Defence is a natural pretreatment that protects your plants from pests. For use in advance of infestation, Fungus Plant Defence creates a natural barrier to protect ornamental & edible crops in the home & garden. Containing natural plant extract, it strengthens the plant from within, aiding strong and healthy growth. Certified for organic gardening by Organic Farmers & Growers, Fungus Plant Defence is child, pet & bee friendly.

  • Pretreatment protection against disease including powdery mildew, rust & more
  • Use before signs of infestion to create a natural barrier, strengthening the plant against disease
  • Pesticide free formulation with no environmental concerns
  • For use on ornamental & edible plants, in the garden, home & conservatory
  • Certified For Organic Gardening By The Organic Farmers And Growers Association (OF&G)
  • 1L Ready to Use Spray


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